Podcast #48: A Tale of Two Sisters, Podcasts

EP#48: The Zero College Debt Dream: A Tale of Two Sisters

The Urry Family
Rebecca, Reanna, Michael, Renee and Rachael

In our previous podcast we spoke with Neurologist Dr. Amanda Opaskar who talked about the 17 year old brain and how it is wired to make impetuous, spontaneous decisions without thinking about the long term consequence.

Today we meet Reanna Urry and her family. Reanna is 18 years old and is about to make the most consequential financial decision of  her life. She is planning to go to college but, where will she go and how will she pay for it? How much debt is she will to take on? Reanna’s decision will have a lot to do with what happened to her two sisters, Rebecca and Rachael. 

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