Podcast #47: The 17 year old Brain, Podcasts

EP#47: The 17 Year Old Brain

Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

Today we discuss with Neurologist Dr. Amanda Opaskar the adolescent  brain and why it is so important for them to get help and guidance as they make the most important financial decisions in their life, namely, taking out student loans.  

Is the average 17-year-old really ready to make super consequential financial decisions on their own?  Do they really know what they are getting into when they sign on the dotted line? What is the adolescent brain like anyway and how does it differ from an adult brain? For answers to questions we’ll talk with Dr. Amanda Opaskar. 

Dr. Opaskar is a vascular and general neurologist at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center. The views expressed by Dr. Opaskar do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of university hospitals. The content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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