Podcast #46: The Zero College Debt Dream, Podcasts

EP#46: The Zero College Debt Dream

Photo by Carolyn Christine on Unsplash

Today we begin our series on the Zero College Debt Dream and explore why over 43 million people owe more than $1.7 Trillion in student debt. Did you know the total cost of sending your 18 year old to a public college cost could go up to $100,000 before they graduate with a bachelor’s degree. This assumes, of course, families only have one child and they do not attend a private college or university. In that case, costs could quickly escalate to $300,000 or more, per child. For most families, sending their children to college represents expenses that far exceed the cost of a car, health care or their own home. 

What can be done about this? Are there ways of cutting costs? Are there ways of preparing your teen to make wise career choices and complete a degree debt free? 

Today on the No Loan Zone podcast we begin to seek answers to those questions in a series of podcasts called the Zero College Debt Dream. In it we will follow the Urry family’s quest to help their 18 year old daughter, Reanna, complete a degree, debt free.