Podcast #60: Tommy and Kyle take out loans, Podcasts

EP#60: Tommy and Kyle Pay Off Their Student Loans. Tommy’s Not Done Yet.

Tommy Nickel, Janet Maltbie and Kyle Nickel at BoxCast studios.


Going to college in the fall? Is it worth your time and investment? Tommy and Kyle have Communications degrees and both took out loans but Kyle went to a public school. Tommy didn’t. This podcast centers on the career journey both brothers began over 10 years ago. Was it worth their time? Are they glad they went to college? Did they need it for the jobs they both have at BoxCast, a Cleveland based technology firm that offers streaming solutions to organization and individuals

Going to college is expensive but is it right for you? There are many ways to get started in a career that doesn’t necessarily involve going into debt. If you’re unsure about your career direction and want more information about how to find a career that fits your personality, interests and skills. Reach out to Janet Maltbie at noloanzone.com/contact.

Many thanks to Wade Clark of Boxcast who provided production assistance and to Danosongs who provided music for this podcast.

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