Podcast #26: The Blood and Needles Show: Careers in Dialysis Care, Podcasts

EP#26 The Blood and Needles Show: Careers in Dialysis Care

All artwork by dialysis patients courtesy www.cdcare.org/ArtShow/

Interested in entering the medical field but need a short term training program that will pay as you learn? Join us for a conversation about how to get started in dialysis care with Sally Marty and RJ Picciano. Sally Marty is a nurse and was awarded the 2020 Dialysis Healthcare worker of the year award by the Ohio Renal Association. RJ Picciano is President of Bonent (Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology).

Links to Dialysis Training websites:

If you would like more information on getting started in a career in dialysis contact RJ Picciano directly at president@bonent.org

Podcast #25: Gateway to Medical Careers-Part2, Podcasts

EP#25 Gateway into the Medical Careers: Passing Anatomy and Physiology-Part 2

Photo by Jane Carmona on Unsplash

Interested in the entering the medical profession? Passing Anatomy and Physiology is a must. This podcast centers strategies you can take to pass and excel in the class. Join us for a conversation with Lorain County Community College (LCCC) graduate, Caitlin Bayus. Caitlin recently graduated from our nursing program and is working as an emergency room nurse in Elyria Ohio. She holds a two-year Associates degree in Nursing. For more information about taking Anatomy and Physiology through LCCC, please call 440-366-4033 and ask to speak with an advisor today. You can also reach an advisor via LCCC live chat.