EP#47: Internship Opportunities: Your Ticket to Real-World Experience and a Professional Network.

No Loan Zone
No Loan Zone
EP#47: Internship Opportunities: Your Ticket to Real-World Experience and a Professional Network.

Podcast Summary:

Are you ready to take your college experience to the next level? In this podcast, Janet Maltbie, a career counselor, discuss the benefits of completing an internship with her guest, Marcia Jones, the Career Services Manager at Lorain County Community College.

Maltbie outlines the advantages of internships, including gaining real-world experience, building a professional network, developing professional skills, and improving a resume. 

Jones explains that students can access their Career Services through a platform called Handshake, where they can schedule appointments, develop resumes, and explore job or internship opportunities related to their career pathway. 


In the latest episode of No Loan Zone, we explore internship resources offered by Lorain County Community College’s Career Services department. Here are the 4 key takeaways from this episode:

  • Lorain County Community College provides students with the support they need for career prep, decision making, internships, and job opportunities. You can connect with them either in person or virtually using Handshake, the college’s job and internship platform.
  • Janet highlights the importance of internships and lists four reasons why they are beneficial: real-world experience, building professional networks, demonstrating professional skills, and improving resumes.
  • At LCCC, each student has a career development specialist who works specifically with their career pathway and can be selected through Handshake or by calling Career Services at 440-366-4076.
  • Janet is an experienced career counselor with a passion for helping students and adults pursue smart career choices and debt-free living. She teaches an online class on career exploration and life planning through LCCC.

About the Marcia Jones:

Marcia Jones is the Career Services Manager at Lorain County Community College. For nearly 20 years, Marcia has helped students learn about careers, and how to link their education to job experiences, so they can launch from a job into a meaningful career. She is passionate about helping students to learn about careers and how to link their education to experience to both leverage and launch their career.

Connect with LCCC Career Services:

About the Podcast Host, Janet Maltbie:

Janet is a professional career counselor in the state of Ohio with over 20 years experience helping students and people in transition make wise career choices. Her work has involved guiding students in the career and college planning process as an academic counselor at Lorain County Community College. 

After 13 years at LCCC, Janet transitioned to an adjunct faculty position, exclusively teaching a Career Exploration and Life Planning class and meeting with clients individually while pursuing her work as the founder and host of the No Loan Zone podcast.

Connect with Janet Maltbie:

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