EP#37: Ohio’s New Grad Financial Literacy Requirement.

No Loan Zone
No Loan Zone
EP#37: Ohio's New Grad Financial Literacy Requirement.

Hope to complete a college degree, debt free? Learn to manage money, especially if you are in high school. In this podcast, Jack Dibee, Assistant Superintendent of Avon Lake City Schools discusses the new financial literacy high school graduation requirement for all incoming freshman in the fall of 2022. He also discusses ways students can get free college credit while attending high school. 

Going to college is expensive but is it right for you or your child? There are many ways to explore careers that doesn’t involve going into debt. If you’re unsure about your career direction and want more information about how to complete a degree, debt free and find a career that fits your personality, interests and skills, reach out to the No Loan Zone host, Janet Maltbie at noloanzone.com/contact.

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