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EP#77: Advice from a College Freshman…What Made My Year Successful.

Podcast Interview with Faith Talmage and Janet Maltbie

Timestamp Overview:

  • 01:39 Getting involved in clubs helped me explore new interests and find comfort through experienced peers.
  • 04:08 Creating a personal space under the desk for privacy and relaxation.
  • 09:13 Consider turning your hobbies into a job, but be true to what you enjoy.
  • 11:03 College is costly, consider if it’s right for you. No Loan Zone podcast helps students graduate without debt. Contact Janet at nolonezone.com/contact or go to lifeworkcareerservices.com for career guidance.


🎓📚 Are you a high school student planning to attend college in the fall? In the latest episode of the No Loan Zone podcast, host Janet Maltbie interviews Faith Talmage, a fashion merchandising major at Kent State University, on navigating freshman year!

Here are three key takeaways from the episode:

🛏️ CREATE YOUR OWN SPACE: If you’re living with a roommate, you may struggle to find alone time. Faith shared how she used the space under her bed to create a personal spot, which she called her ‘cave.’ This gave her a sense of having her own room and provided a space to relax and recharge away from the pressures of socializing with others.

🤝 GET INVOLVED: Faith didn’t expect to join as many clubs as she did in college. However, attending a club fair and signing up for various clubs opened up new avenues for her. She even joined a club focused on fashion. Being in a club with juniors and seniors allowed her to learn from their experience, which helped her shape her career path.

💻 PLAN AHEAD: Faith knew what field she wanted to study in, and she took specific classes to prepare for her career in fashion merchandising. Taking entry-level classes that could be taken remotely gave her a head start. She also advises students to be realistic about what they enjoy doing and consider how they can connect their hobbies to a paying job.

Remember, college is expensive, and students should make sure it’s the right choice for them. The No Loan Zone podcast is committed to helping students complete a degree debt-free and Janet Maltbie provides career guidance to help students find the right fit through www.lifeworkcareerservices.com.

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