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EP#52: 5 Myths about Starting a Business as a College Student

Launch your business idea with Matt Poyle of Neo LaunchNet

There are many ways to finance your education. One way is to start a business while you are in college! In this podcast we focus on the 5 myths of starting a business as a college student. Our special guest today is Matt Poyle. Matt is the Program Coordinator for Neo LaunchNet on the campus of Lorain County Community College. NEO LaunchNET offers guidance, coaching and access to resources so students from any major can gain experience in starting a business. 

Here are the 5 myths Matt Poyle describes in this podcast:

1. It takes a lot of time: Many students start with a small one time project.

2. It takes a lot of money: There are many low cost alternatives. Neo LaunchNet also offers micro grants to students.

3. You need to be a business major: Most students that Matt helps do not have a business major. You can partner with people who have that skill.

4. You must have confidence: Matt encourages people to try things and to not fear failure. He states it is really important to just keep going and if version 1.0 doesn’t work, try version 2.0. 

5. You are alone: It can be hard to start your own business on your own. Explore support services wherever you live!  Matt boasts that LCCC has the only Community College Neo Launch Net that offers free and unlimited business coaching. 

Interested in getting help on starting a business through Neo LaunchNet? Contact Matt Poyle by going to lccclaunch.com. It is fast, friendly and painless and for more information on how you can explore your career options contact Janet Maltbie at noloanzone.com/contact