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EP#76: The Burden of College Loans: One Woman’s Story

Podcast Interview with Kristyn Poltis and Janet Maltbie

Timestamp Summaries:

“The Impact of Student Loan Forgiveness on Graduates: We’ll discuss what impact it would have on her as well as her college experiences in trying to pay back those student loans.”— Janet Maltbie 00:00:0800:01:09

“The High Cost of College Education: Did you have any idea what you were doing and how much your education would cost?”— Janet Maltbie 00:01:1100:01:33

The Burden of Student Loans: “The weight, the impact of the amount of money…It’s a lot of responsibility to put on an 18 year old of saying, like, hey, here, sign this loan.”— Kristyn Poltis 00:01:3400:02:31

“How Marriage Can Affect Student Loans: And that enabled you to get into some loans or some grant money from the federal government now because your income, you are now an independent student.”— Janet Maltbie 00:03:1500:03:33

“Debt-free Degree: If you feel stressed or anxious about your career or college major choice and want to find ways to complete a degree debt free, reach out to me. I offer a career exploration boot camp this summer for high school juniors, seniors and undecided college students. It helps them gain clarity, confidence and direction.”— Janet Maltbie 00:08:5200:09:30

About the Podcast Host, Janet Maltbie:

Janet is a professional career counselor in the state of Ohio with over 20 years experience helping students and people in transition make wise career choices. Her work has involved guiding students in the career and college planning process as an academic counselor at Lorain County Community College. 

After 13 years at LCCC, Janet transitioned to an adjunct faculty position, exclusively teaching a Career Exploration and Life Planning class and meeting with clients individually while pursuing her work as the founder and host of the No Loan Zone podcast. Janet can also be reached at http://www.lifeworkcareerservices.com

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