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EP#63: Meet David Arredondo. Vote in the Ohio Aug. 2 Primary Election.

David Arredondo Photo
David Arredondo
Executive Chairman of the Lorain County Republican Party
David Arredondo discusses the Ohio August 2nd Primary election.


Ohio’s primary elections take place on August 2, 2022. Know the issues and representatives. Today on the No Loan Zone Podcast Janet Maltbie speaks with David Arredondo, the Executive Chairman of the Lorain County Republican Party. David hopes to be re-elected to the Republican Central Committee. 

In this podcast we focus on the upcoming primary election, the role of the Central Committee, why it is separated into male and female groups and what the Ohio legislature can do to make college more affordable for families.

David Arredondo has served as Coordinator of International Admissions for Oberlin College and from 2000-2014 he was Director of International Admissions for Lorain County Community College. For over 26 years he recruited, admitted, and supported hundreds of students from more than 50 different countries

If you are unsure about your career direction  you can reach Janet Maltbie at noloanzone.com/contact. Janet meets with students and adults in transition so they can reach their career goals.  She also teach a totally online career exploration class through Lorain County Community College, called  Career Exploration and Life Planning, SDEV 103. 

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