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EP#53: Turbocharge Your Career/College Experience with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Launch your business idea with Matt Poyle of Neo LaunchNet

Completing a degree during the Covid pandemic can be challenging and frustrating. This week we look at how to Turbo charge your career or college experience with an entrepreneurial mindset. With me today is my special guest, Matt Poyle. Matt is the Program Coordinator for Neo LaunchNet on the campus of Lorain County Community College. 

Matt holds a Masters degree in business administration, is a successful entrepreneur and has helped many students start their own business. He is also the author of two books: The Ultimate Memory Improvement Guide and the Entrepreneur’s Power.

When Matt works with a student he encourages them to:

  • See what’s possible everywhere and question everything. 
  • Ask, could this business be better? Could I be better at doing this? What is annoying me? Or, how could I make that less annoying? 
  • Becoming an intrapreneur, someone who works for someone else within their company and thinks about new ideas and is not afraid to try things out, fail and to pitch new ideas.

If you live on the Westside of Cleveland and would like more information on starting a business, Matt can reach at lccclaunch@lorainccc.edu.  The name of his book is called Entrepreneur’s Power and can be found on Amazon.com.  Finally, if you have questions or are unsure about your career direction,  your can reach me, Janet Maltbie at noloanzone.com/contact. I meet with students individually and I teach a totally online career exploration class through Lorain County Community College, called Career Exploration and Life Planning, SDEV 103.

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