EP#31: A Beginners Guide to Transferring Using the University Partnership Program.

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EP#31: A Beginners Guide to Transferring Using the University Partnership Program.

Janet Maltbie discusses a beginners guide to transferring to a college or university using the University Partnership Program with Lorain County Community College (LCCC) Student Senate Representative,  Brenda Hitchens. 

Brenda holds an A.A. degree from LCCC and is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology through the  University Partnership program with Cleveland State University and LCCC. 

Brenda joined the Student Senate because she wanted to help students  advocate for themselves and seek appropriate solutions to assist their way through college.

Brenda’s tips to transferring:

  1. Ask a lot of questions, especially financial aid questions. Financial aid does not last forever. Don’t waste it taking unnecessary classes.
  2. Make an appointment with your academic advisor. Make sure you are taking the right classes.
  3. If you plan on transferring to a 4 year college, know your major and have a plan. Meet with a transfer coordinator early so all your Community College classes transfer and fulfills your major requirements at the 4 year college or university. 

Reach out to the LCCC transfer center through Lorain County Community College by calling  440-366-4949. Brenda Hitchens can be reached directly through the Student Senate by calling 440-366-4036. 

Finally, if you’re unsure about your career direction, and want help on completing a degree debt free, Janet Maltbie can be reached at noloanzone.com/contact. She teaches a totally online career exploration class through LCCC called Career Exploration and Life Planning , SDEV 103.