EP#3 The Community College Advantage Show

LCCC Promo photo

Have you considered attending a Community College? Many high school students, non traditional students and adults in transition are finding that it is a low cost/high value way to complete a degree or learn a new skill. Today on the No Loan Zone podcast we discuss with Dr. Jonathan Dryden the advantages of attending a community college.  Dr. Dryden is Provost and Vice President of Academic and Learner Services at Lorain County Community College. Previous to that he served as a Professor of English and Dean of the Social Sciences and Human Services division at LCCC.  This podcast is for you if you if don’t have a clear career direction and you are not sure if you want to take the time, effort and money it takes to complete a degree. Plus, you have heard the stories about students who are in debt after completing a degree. We will be covering these topics and more with the Vice President of Lorain County Community College: www.lorainccc.edu

Also, if you are unsure about your career direction and want help on completing a degree, debt free, you can reach the host of this podcast, Janet Maltbie, at radiowannabe.com/contact. She teaches a totally online career exploration class through Lorain County Community College, called Career Exploration and Life Planning, SDEV 103. 

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